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(WMC) - The dead give-away of a good spot: seeing the same faces, ordering the same food, on the same day of the week. Every week.


"I'm here every Tuesday," customer Jbunta Washington said. "Barbara's a good friend of mine. I love the spinach chicken quiche."

Barbara Jackson's a good friend of mine now, too. 

Now that her O'Taste & See (Simply D'licious), 2045 E. Brooks Rd., earned the High Score of the Week with a 98 on its Sept. 9 health inspection.

Big pies. Tiny pies. Sweet potato pie. Buttermilk chess. Chocolate pecan. Key lime and lemon.

Jackson could bake 'em blind-folded.

She baked and sold pies and quiches for 28 years right out of her home before opening the store in the Airport Area two years ago. 

That explains its cleanliness.

"This is what my home looks like, coming out of my home," said Jackson, a former Memphis City Schools teacher. "I have to say it just carried over into O'Taste & See."

Taste and see the quiche, too. I'm partial to the Italian sausage/spinach/cheese quiche, myself.

O'Taste & See is not just pies and quiche. Jackson said her best-seller is a sandwich: the Big Mama Martha's Buster Club Sandwich. Cajun-roasted chicken, bacon, Swiss cheese, red onions, black olives and bread & butter pickles.

"Gosh, if there was any more flavor in this thing, my taste buds would be confused," I said while customers laughed and cheered me on as I whaled on that sandwich.

"From the great food, the great atmosphere, the great cleanliness, which has got you here today, I've been just pleased as can be and proud of her for achieving what she does," Central Gardens customer Bill Jones said of Jackson.

Congratulations, Barbara Jackson. O'Taste & See tastes good. And clean. With a side of love.

WHAT ANDY LIKES: Big Mama Martha's Buster Club Sandwich, Key Lime Pie, Buttermilk Chess Pie, Italian Sausage/Spinach Cheese Quiche

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